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Equine Massage Therapy

Massage and bodywork services specifically tailored to your horse. We aim to improve the well-being, performance, and overall health of horses.


Photizo Infrared Therapy

Photizo Vetcare is especially effective in management of Arthritis and encourages generation of healthy cells for healing of soft tissue injuries


Confirmation, Postural &
Gait Analysis

It's important that we understand how our horse's bodies are built and how they move. Pinpointing any weaknesses early on to prevent injury. This service is useful if you are thinking of buying a horse.


Available in person or via Zoom

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Bespoke Fitness

Tailored program to help you achieve your goals. In hand, lunge, and ridden exercises to build muscle strength & flexibility. Condition the body to help prevent injury

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Rehabilitation Plan

EquiFlexx Therapy understands that it can be very upsetting and confusing to deal with Vets when your horse becomes injured. We are here to support and guide you through the process

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Webinar, Workshops & eBooks

Because the industry is evolving all the time, we feel it is important to educate the equestrian community so that you can make informed decisions about your horse's care. Collaborating with industry professionals to bring you insights into everything equine!

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