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Benefits of massage


Identifying when your horse would benefit from Massage Therapy

  • Reduced performance

  • Behaving uncharacteristically i.e.. head throwing, ear pinning, general restlessness/ anxiety, irritation, biting/kicking

  • Discomfort when being tacked up and ridden

  • Shortened stride length

  • Avoiding bending on one side

  • General stiffness

  • Rushing to jumps/ knocking poles/ refusing

  • Tripping

  • Difficulty picking up the correct canter lead

  • Difficulty working in a collected frame

  • High head carriage/ Hollow back

  • Bucking/ rearing often during transitions

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Helps muscles to work at maximum efficiency

  • Relaxes tight muscles

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Mobilises and eases painful joints

  • Activates the lymphatic drainage (Lactic acid)

  • Increases circulation of hormones

  • Aids digestion

  • Calming and soothing effect

  • Lengthen tissues to improve elasticity to reduce risk of injury

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