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All appointments are subject to the following conditions and agreed upon when Booking:

EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee are not veterinarians; EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.


Please read the following

A non-refundable cancellation fee (50% of total treatment cost) is required if the appointment is cancelled/ rescheduled/ not attended within 24 hours of appointment

Animals with infections or contagious conditions will not be treated.

EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee reserve the right to refuse treatment to any animal

EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee does not hold any responsibility for any accident or injury to the horse or persons that occur during treatments.

Owners or carers of the horse must notify EquiFlexx Therapy or Emer McNamee of any underlying conditions, previous illness/injury, behavioural issues, medication that the horse may have/had prior to massage treatment

EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee reserve the right to obtain video footage and photographs during massage treatment within the GDPR guidelines

Equines must be dry and groomed for the massage treatment

Equines must be appropriately restrained throughout the massage treatment

A clear, safe and brightly lit area must be provided in order for the massage treatment to take place

If the client experiences COVID-19 symptoms or is a confirmed close contact of a person with COVID-19 the client is obligated to tell EquiFlexx Therapy and Emer McNamee within 24 hours of the scheduled massage treatment. Cancellation fees may apply

EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee require that all payments must be made on completion  of the massage treatment taking place unless an alternative arrangement is made between the client and Emer McNamee

Any costs for the services provided by EquiFlexx Therapy & Emer McNamee will be agreed before the scheduled appointment

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