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I live in CarrickmacrossCo. Monaghan with my Pug Hugo and Bernese Mountain Dog George. I have been riding horses since I was seven years old.

What sets me apart from the rest?

I ride and compete my own horse, this gives me a deeper understanding of how a horse should feel under saddle and I am able to sympathise with riders, coaches, trainers and owners the daily struggles of keeping a horse is peak physical condition. Passionate to learn about the equine body and how it moves, I am constantly improving my skills and keeping up to date with the latest in scientific research and developments. As of March 2024 I am proud to be Ireland's FIRST Equine Physical Therapist & PEMF certified Practitioner.

Mission statement

Our mission  is to enhance the physical, emotional, and overall health of horses.

Through our dedicated practice, we aim to optimize performance, alleviate discomfort, and promote relaxation in our equine clients, contributing to their vitality and quality of life. Our mission is driven by a passion for the welfare of horses, recognizing the profound impact of therapeutic touch.

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